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M.E.T. Workshop on September 23rd.

“85% of the word EMOTION is dedicated to movement!” says MET’s founder, Marcel Daane. After taking the Movement Efficiency Training course in April, I have been looking at movement and working with my clients differently. MET’s approach is based on neuroscience. Since, ultimately, it could be said that movement (as far as muscles are concerned) is controlled and modulated in the brain, should we not learn to train the brain? A lof of exercise science that we are often taught is based upon training movement from below the neck. Marcel’s approach trains the brain and our emotional reactions to movement. In essence, if we are not emotionally/ mentally ready to accept new movement, learning is almost impossible. Learning how to work with people from this standpoint has been a lot more powerful for me as a practitioner and a lot more empowering for my clients.

I have found it to be so essential to my own practice, that I am helping to spread the word. This training is open to anyone who is a movement professional, whether that is personal training, yoga, dance, etc. I am co-teaching the next workshop. The information can be found below.

9:00am – 5:00pm
47 West 14th 5th Fl, New York, NY

Leslie Kaminoff’s Hands Free Class on Yoga Journal

Squeal Squeal SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEAL!  One of our most beloved teachers, Leslie Kaminoff, has a sequence featured in Yoga Journal’s October issue.  We could not be more excited or proud.  It is thrilling that YJ would make room for a no hands-practice and about time! Too many people are unprepared, tortured and unhappy with the typical flows that use lots of downward dogs.  Downward Dog is not bad; it’s just not for everyone all the time.  Well, here’s a class that still gets you warm (trust us!), muscles working and feeling good.  The class is full of Leslie’s signature breath work and arm spirals.  It’s amazing how connecting breath and movement in his particular way opens space in the body that is unique unto his yoga classes.

Stop reading this (not really, keep reading the blog, but just take a break) and go do this already.  You will not be disappointed and you’ll be feeling your leg and glute muscles working hard while using your breath to move you through the class.  Thank you, Leslie!

M.E.T. Training This Weekend in NYC

The Movement Efficiency Training (M.E.T.) method is a revolutionary way of approaching fitness. M.E.T. combines an understanding of human evolution and neuroscience to work with the entire person, as opposed to previous exercise models that focus primarily on the musculoskeletal system. One of the most exciting things about this method is that anyone at any level of fitness can start immediately. From total beginners who have never worked out a day in their lives to pro athletes, M.E.T. offers endless regressions and progressions for each fundamental exercise. In addition to fundamental exercises, there are three zones and endless ways to combine exercises for a very effective, creative and fun workout.

Marcel, the founder of M.E.T. says, “85% of the word emotion is dedicated to movement.” M.E.T. also takes into account clients’ emotional involvement and attitude towards exercise. This allows clients to be in a mental and emotional state that desires to workout, rather than wanting to avoid it. They have fun! This also benefits the trainer/instructor (yes, YOGA TEACHERS can learn a lot from this as well!), as it will increase the longevity of your relationship with clients, due to their new level of emotional investment. Sound good? Well, there is an MET training in NYC this weekend and there are a few spots left!

To get a taste of what you will learn in the training, here is an article Marcel wrote about human evolution, exercise and the relationship with using hand-held tools in exercise.

The training is on the 17th of June. It will be held at Nimble Fitness (you can sign up here at Integrative Performance Institute). Kim-Lien, co-founder of SMARTer Bodies, will be there assisting on the training of the 17th, so you really have no reasons to miss this!

Kim’s Class for Athleta and Zeel

As you know we taught classes for a Zeel and Athleta store-opening event.  Hopefully, you made it to Kim’s class on Saturday, despite the snow.  Here’s the glowing-review Zeel gave the class as well as helping us announce SMARTer Yoga to the world:

On the last day of Zeel Week at Athleta, the weather turned unaccountably stormy. (Really, snow in October?) Yet dedicated yogis made their way to Athleta’s UWS store to enjoy a yoga session with Zeel Expert yoga instructor Kim-Lien Kendall.

And did we ever. Behind Kim’s innocent demeanor lies the mind of a hardcore yoga taskmaster. Kim took us through a series of poses that tested our ability to stretch and balance. Whenever we managed to successfully complete one asana, Kim would sweetly say, “Now we’re going to try something a bit more difficult.”  Kim, however, was not without mercy, offering modifications as needed to those of us with tight hips and knees and groins (yep, groins).

I learned a lot through Kim’s mastery of body mechanics—how the body is supposed to move. (Kim and her yoga partner-in-crime, Melissa Gutierrez, are creating a biomechanically-based form of the age-old practice called SMARTer yoga.) After congratulating myself on doing a floppy pigeon pose, I learned that my lack of resistance in my hips means that my psoas, a muscle connecting the base of the spine to the inner thigh, was way too tight. Looks like I’ll be doing psoas homework!

Even though we had to venture out in to the freezing rain after class, we did so with a smile (and perhaps a looser psoas).

Updated classes for Fused!

We’ve added another class about Barefoot running.  Buy your tickets here at our Eventbrite page.   The line up is amazing!  Check it out:

2:30 – 3:30 (Room A) Pilates-Zumba
Kristin McGee takes you through a flowing, energizing, heart pumping Pilates class. Kristin keeps up the pace while making sure you are using the right muscles and leading from your center so you can burn calories, strengthen your core, sculpt long lean muscles, and achieve overall flexibility.
Afterwards Nadya de la Torre (coming all the way from North Carolina) will take you through a fun high-intensity, calorie burning zumba class!

2:30 – 3:30 (Room B) Spin-Yoga
A Spin/Yoga class, to get your heart pumping and then cool you down. Burst and chill! Taught by NYC spin instructor Ed Hall and highly sought yoga teacher, Kim-Lien Kendall.

3:45 – 5:15 (Room A) Total Body Conditioning-Yoga
A Total-Body Conditioning/Yoga class, a full-body workout that will get you sweating. Get ready to work! Taught by Adyana de la Torre, who is featured in Beach Body’s popular Brazil Butt Lift workout an always busy personal trainer at Club H, and Kim-lien Kendall, yoga teacher.

4:15-5:15pm (Room B) V-core
V-Core® (Vertical Core Training) is the newest and most functional approach to training the core. Through specific exercises this barefoot balance training workout will not only tone your core – but also correct foot posture, strengthen the hip and build postural alignment. With Dr. Emily Splichal of Evidence Based Fitness Academy and Club H instructor.

5:30 – 7:00 (Room A) Hip Hop- Boxing
Tweetie’s Hip-Hop Dance class will help you find the Groove, the Bounce, the Coordination, Balance and Stamina you need while dancing to 90’s “New Jack Swing” music and getting a great full body workout all @ the same time.
Followed by the boxer’s workout: the most comprehensive full body exercise regime on the planet taught by a favorite of Club H’s, Julian Phillips, who has trained Madonna while on tour.