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Interview with William Broad, NOT a Yoga Basher!

We were fortunate enough to snag an interview with possibly the most spoken about man in the yoga community these days, William Broad.  The author of the book, The Science of Yoga, had some interesting reactions and comments to make about the recent controversy surrounding that article and was kind enough to answer other questions.  We may not agree with everything in the book and you might not either, but, as serious yoga teachers, we are thrilled to see material like this entering the mainstream of yoga culture! “How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body” broke down the secrecy surrounding the idea that yoga is indeed no panacea and if not practiced correctly has the potential to hurt you, just like any other physical activity. It’s great to see some scientific research supporting an activity that has been sacred and beneficial to people for so long!

Although some of the science in Broad’s book may be debatable (as ALL things scientific are and should be), it is definitely worth the read!  Why?  Because there have been amazing yoga educators working for years to elevate the credibility, integrity, and safety of Hatha Yoga. For instance, the Breathing Project, a non-profit organization in NYC, has been the center of advanced yoga teaching methods, anatomy as it applies to the body in movement and extraordinarily intelligent discussion about all things surrounding yoga in its current culture and practice. This center along with the Broad’s new book are helping to break ground for the evolution of yoga as we would like to see it.

In the book, you will see Mr. Broad refer to various scientific studies that reveal a darker, riskier side to the physical practice, but you’ll also see scientific studies that seemingly present irrefutable truth about the benefits of yoga.  You’ll most definitely be exposed to information that is not discussed in your typical teacher training.  You might even be surprised to find out that Mr. Broad loves yoga and wishes everyone had an active practice!  Shocking we know. *sarcasm* Read More