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M.E.T. Training This Weekend in NYC

The Movement Efficiency Training (M.E.T.) method is a revolutionary way of approaching fitness. M.E.T. combines an understanding of human evolution and neuroscience to work with the entire person, as opposed to previous exercise models that focus primarily on the musculoskeletal system. One of the most exciting things about this method is that anyone at any level of fitness can start immediately. From total beginners who have never worked out a day in their lives to pro athletes, M.E.T. offers endless regressions and progressions for each fundamental exercise. In addition to fundamental exercises, there are three zones and endless ways to combine exercises for a very effective, creative and fun workout.

Marcel, the founder of M.E.T. says, “85% of the word emotion is dedicated to movement.” M.E.T. also takes into account clients’ emotional involvement and attitude towards exercise. This allows clients to be in a mental and emotional state that desires to workout, rather than wanting to avoid it. They have fun! This also benefits the trainer/instructor (yes, YOGA TEACHERS can learn a lot from this as well!), as it will increase the longevity of your relationship with clients, due to their new level of emotional investment. Sound good? Well, there is an MET training in NYC this weekend and there are a few spots left!

To get a taste of what you will learn in the training, here is an article Marcel wrote about human evolution, exercise and the relationship with using hand-held tools in exercise.

The training is on the 17th of June. It will be held at Nimble Fitness (you can sign up here at Integrative Performance Institute). Kim-Lien, co-founder of SMARTer Bodies, will be there assisting on the training of the 17th, so you really have no reasons to miss this!

The Holiday Rush

It’s the complaint heard every year.  It seems as if the retail industry is constantly pushing the Christmas (and every other consumer related big holiday) down our throats earlier and earlier each year. No joking, the day after Halloween I walked into my local CVS and discovered a winter wonderland, albeit made up of fake silver snow.  Wait!  What about Thanksgiving and the Fall?

This feeling of being rushed through the rest of the calendar year can drive us all a little batty.  Most stores you go into now are reminding you of the coming colder weather, the shorter days with less sun and the numerous purchases that must be made.  It’s no wonder that many of us find difficulty in being able to enjoy the fun and excitement that this time of the year used to bring most of us as children.

So how do you cope?  We’re asking you.  We talk about living in the present, being in the moment when practicing yoga.  It’s time to put your money where your practice is!  How do we find our internal grounding and centered stillness when everyone and everything around is rushing by so quickly?  How do we not get caught up and rushed along? Some suggest pausing to catch your breath, taking a moment to unclench tight jaws, and even physically slowing down.

I’ve noticed that I walk everywhere with my cell phone in my hand either texting, emailing, or talking.  This can be quite the hazzard in NYC!!!  Several times I’ve almost been hit by a car while walking across an intersection, not realizing I do NOT have the right of way.  I’m ashamed to admit it’s been several times.  Once should have been warning enough!  Now I make it a policy to put my cell phone away as long as I’m walking on the street and slow my breathing.  Taking that time to feel my lungs and appreciate what they are doing with every inhale and exhale is helping me to salvage my excitement about the coming holidays.

Share with us how you are salvaging your sanity and love for the present moment…even if you happen to be in Macy’s!

Thirstea Cafe in NYC Rocks!…or Bubbles

Yesterday I (meaning Melissa, the tea-obsessed one, remember?)  had the pleasure of trying bubble tea in a wonderful little spot known as Thirstea Cafe.  This cafe is a must!  Nestled in the East Village Thirstea has a zen-like interior that is simple and clean, making it a perfect set up for the many teas they have stocked to seem like they are ready to jump off the shelves…and leap into your bags.

My man wanted to do something nice for our anniversary and found a google offer for Thirstea.  You might be thinking that this all well and good for tea collectors. But Elie (usually not a tea fan) can attest to the fact that their bubble teas are amongst the best we’ve had and he’s ready to go back.  So please, please, PLEASE do yourselves a favor and after you’ve had a yoga practice (like how I slipped that in there?) go and get refreshed.  I suggest the Jasmine Green Bubble tea,  so lightly sweetened.  Also bought some of their matcha. Not to mention the owners, Helen and Wynn, are super nice.  No reason not to go.

Check out the sweet pic they took of us and posted on their blog.


Great Stress Reliever…Books

I found myself on the busy and noisy streets of New York, which usually I love, but not today.  Usually, I’m pretty good at just letting the noise and intensity wash over me.  Today, though, was more of a challenge.  In the midst of the external cacophony and my internal mounting chaos I walked by a bookstore.  Didn’t have to think twice before I just ducked right in.

The smell, the quiet, and the piles of books allowed me to let go and instantly calmed my overstimulated nerves.  I must have spent 40 minutes inside.  Without buying a thing I walked out feeling renewed. Books have always been an important part of my daily life.  I know there are many others that feel the same.  They provide an escape and allow for the senses (touch, sight and smell) to be completely absorbed in the moment.  Reading really does have a transformative affect. (Like Yoga anyone?)

My suggestion:  Next time your feeling stressed, if you can, walk into a bookstore.  Take your time looking and being fascinated by every new story and subject that surrounds you.  The most important part:  DON’T BUY ANYTHING!  Let this be an experience that allows you to disengage with the outside world.  If the focus then becomes about acquiring something new that can interrupt your ability to connect with your internal self.  Try it!

If you happen to by in NYC check out:

Strand Book Store.  The Most famous used bookstore in NYC.

McNally Jackson Books.  This Soho bookstore always has amazing displays and author signings.

Mercer Street Books.  Located on Mercer St. next to the Angelika Film Center, one can spend hours looking through the shelves for hidden and very cheap treasures.

 Please share some of your favorite spots, wherever they are.