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Music to Move You: I Want to Be a Bad Girl

Power. Strength. The ability to feel confidence in the face of any challenge and not care what people think of you in the end.  Sometimes we want that.  M.I.A., the incredible Sri Lankan musician, delivers that kind of message and vibe in her song Bad Girls.

Have you not seen/heard this?  Then you need to familiarize yourself with this song and her work.  The video itself is pregnant with enough imagery and symbolism to fuel any feminist dialogue and it also just kicks a lot of ass.  So give a listen and see how it might influence your practice on the mat.  Can you find the bad girl who can approach poses that usually inspire fear/anxiety with a sense of playfulness and no ego attachment for how it’ll turn out?  What about Garudasna (Eagle Pose), Kakasana (Crow Pose) or Virabhadrasana III (Warrior 3)?  If these poses are challenging how can you find your confidence while confronting these postures?  Or maybe your challenges are simple as Vrksasana (Tree Pose) or Savasana (Corpse Pose).

What asanas are most challenging for you and how does this song help?  If it doesn’t we want to know that too!

Music to Move You: Sometimes Doing Yoga Means Dropping it like it’s Hot

As feminists we can’t agree or support the whole “slapping bitches and hoes (or is it ‘ho’s’…whatever)” thing that happens too often in popular music.  There is always the eternal conflict of hating the marginalization of women that is all too common in these genres while being pulled in by the irresistible beats and hooks that have allowed such behavior to become somewhat acceptable.  Women have often struggled to find equality and respect in the music that was born of social revolt and became the voice against oppression and racism both personal and institutionalized. Despite the contention that has often surrounded the music, the stories that arists tell are invaluable.

That being said…”Drop it Like it’s Hot” by Snoop Dogg is the shiz…shizzle?…hmm, either way it’s good.  So put it on and get on the mat.  Confront the conflict described above and any others you may be trying to resolve.  Dealing with conflicts is pretty much the constant physical and mental negotiation that makes up much of a yoga practice (the “yolking of opposites,” anyone?).  If that’s getting too deep just put it on and move!  (Sorry, could only find the censored version, but you know the words.)

Music to Move You: You Should Be Dancing

Sometimes, whether we’re talking about working out or doing a restorative movement practice the real challenge lies in finding the motivation to get off our asses.  No judgement!  It’s hard to fit it all in, especially when working hard, taking care of partners and children; it seems like there’s never any time left for ourselves.  That’s why it is so invariably essential to make and take that time.  Our attitudes about reconnecting with ourselves in a physical way needs to change.  Instead of setting up the workout or yoga practice before you as something to get done with we should look to each opportunity to move as an opportunity to spend fun time with ourselves.  So maybe start off dancing. That’s fun (for most of us). It’s a great motivator and warm up.  Today’s selection preaches just that.

Long live the Bee Gees!  Be grateful for everything your body does for you.  You’ve been gifted an extraordinarily sophisticated machine to go about navigating the world.  You Should Be Dancing!