SMARTer Yoga™

Think of SMARTer Yoga™ as yoga for functional training. You will learn to move in ways that will benefit daily life, not just your next yoga class. Our system takes the traditional practice and couples it with hard sciences like physiology, kinesiology, neuroscience and biomechanics. Our content is constantly evolving as the latest and most relevant scientific information becomes available. When one uses this information in the context of yoga a slow and methodical exploration evolves. You will learn how your body handles gravity and exists in space. This is a practice of mindfulness in which one has better chances of learning or re-patterning movement. Cultivating a practice of intense self-awareness is key to better managing proprioception and spatial awareness for optimal movement .

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What to Expect in a Session

  • The external shape of the posture is no longer the goal, instead the discovery of how the student manages his or her body while moving in space and how well the he or she senses the movement within the body is more important.

  • One may be surprised to come to one of our “yoga” classes and not recognize the poses or the movements, or expect the speed to vary.  Our sequences will force you to engage with gravity in a variety ways.  This is an important aspect of the SMARTer™ practice.  Learning the same “pose” in different ways increases the mind’s ability to learn inside and out of the class, increasing the plasticity of our brains.

  • In our classes there is a challenge for every level of practitioner.