Private Sessions

One on one 60 minute sessions with one of our experts at one of our locations or at your home.


Reiki is a form of energy medicine that originated in Japan during the early 1900’s. In a session you can expect to lie back or sit up while Melissa intentionally connects to your energy field and helps to rebalance it. During this session you may be coached to:

  • Breathe in certain ways
  • Share your thoughts and feelings
  • Visually connect to specific parts of your body
  • Use certain essential oils

This modality is particularly helpful for addressing the emotional triggers that create physical diseases and alleviate chronic disorders. Your nervous system’s role as a the facilitator to your total health and wellbeing will be illuminated. You’ll be given techniques to practice on your own to help your mind and body reach a beneficial homeostasis. 

Fascial Stretch:

Fascial Stretch Therapy is a luxurious assisted stretch modality that’s great for stress relief and improving flexibility. Sessions can be for a total body stretch or to target problem areas such as the low back, shoulders or hips.

Contact us today to find out how we can help guide you towards a healthy lifestyle. 

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