Kim-Lien Kendall is the co-founder of SMARTer Bodies and co-creator of SMARTer Yoga™.  She has taken a genuine interest in the human body and movement since she was 8 years old. Her experience in gymnastics, sports, martial arts, dance and yoga combined with years of study in anatomy, kinesiology, biochemistry, bio-mechanics and somatic movement education have equipped her with the knowledge and skill set to work with a wide range of clientele. Whether you want to improve your body, enhance performance or you are recovering from an injury, Kim can help you successfully attain your goals by creating an individualized and manageable program that fits your body type, movement preferences and lifestyle.  You will look better, feel better and move more efficiently.  She helps her clients create long lasting changes.   In addition to running SMARTer Bodies Kim is also a yoga instructor and personal trainer at Golf & Body NYC and is an adjunct professor of Kinesiology for the Hip Hop Dance Conservatory. She has a BS in Biochemistry from Florida State University (2005), is certified by Yoga Union, has completed training and an ongoing education at the Breathing Project, is certified as a Redcord Active instructor and is a MET Master Facilitator.

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