Eat, Drink and Be Merry, in a Mindful Way- 5 tips to stay centered in your healthy eating habits

Avoid this awful feeling.
Avoid this awful feeling.


Even the most “disciplined” of us can fall off the healthy eating habit bandwagon during the holiday season. Whether we are going to holiday parties and are fully into the holidays, or if we can’t stand them and are comforting ourselves by over-indulging, there are a few tricks that we can use to keep the “damage” to our waistlines to a minimum.


1. Don’t go to a party, gathering or supermarket HUNGRY!! Make sure that you have had some healthy snacks before you head out to the festivities. That way you won’t eat every goody that you come across. Great snacks to stave off cravings include almonds, Brazil nuts, or a goat milk kefir drink.

2. When going to the home of others, offer to bring a veggie dish- like sautéed Lacinato Kale, roasted broccoli and cauliflower so that you are sure to get ONE addition that is delicious, simple, satisfying and nutritious.

3. Try to eat the processed foods as early in the day as possible- the stuffing, the cakes and cookies- so that you have as much time as possible to digest them. Going to bed with a lot of undigested processed carbs can leave you sluggish and foggy the next day- not to mention make you crave MORE of the evil, but delectable treats. If you are throwing the party try substituting some less processed items to your menu. Add some goat cheese options, crunchy seeded crackers, try brown rice and quinoa instead of potatoes.

4. STAY HYDRATED! Let the first and last thing you do everyday be taking a nice big glass of not too cold water. If you drink alcohol, try to drink at least a glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you imbibe.

5. Finally- REST!!! Before you go out, plan a target time to get home so that you can still get enough rest so you don’t feel wiped out. If you know you have a late night ahead, try to get a little nap in before getting ready to party!.

Try not to fall into the, “well, I screwed up my diet, so I may as well go for broke,” and help yourself to ANOTHER piece of pecan pie a la mode. Take pauses between bites, listen to your body. You can always have more later! Try never to eat past the 3/4ths full rule.

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