Exposing Yoga Myths V1In Exposing Yoga Myths, Kim, Mel and Ariana combine their extensive experience as yoga and movement professionals with their shared love of science and research to tackle yoga myths that range from the silly to the dangerous – and which they would stop class to address.

Using their fun, straightforward writing style to break down the latest information in the fields of physiology, neuroscience and biomechanics, they apply it to casual discussion of health and yoga asana, making sure that you know yoga facts from yoga fiction.

Whether you’re a beginner, regular practitioner or yoga educator, you’re likely to hear one or more of these myths at some point. But with their help, you can speak up and expose the misinformation that prevents healthy development of a yoga practice and the human body, and help improve the ways in which this growing community thinks about, speaks about, and practices yoga.

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