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Quick Foot Fixes

Quick Foot Fixes

Sore feet are a real pain and can be the source of other discomforts. Whether you wear uncomfortable shoes, stand all day, or run this video is filled with techniques you can use to keep your feet feeling their best.  Plantar fasciitis? Ha! Not after you watch this.

Our Student Inspires Us with a Geriatric Rap

Our Student Inspires Us with a Geriatric Rap

A privilege that comes with teaching is getting to know students and their incredible life stories. One such individual is Dev … She is 89 year-old survivor of cancer, a retired occupational therapist and all-around badass. While getting to know Dev, she explained that confronting cancer gave her the nerve to follow an interest in acting. She found it to be a profoundly liberating experience and performance helped Dev to find a strong voice in the form of poetic, on-stage expression. We wanted to share with you a fruit of her labor.

This Youtube Video is of Dev performing her, “Geriatric Rap.” Apologies for the faint sound. Turn up the volume on your speaker. This spoken word performance is worth the watch! The Geriatric Rap describes Dev’s experience as a Jewish woman growing up in a NYC landscape before it was deeply carved by the liberal politics that characterize the City in this present day. Her bravery and joy in performing are a pleasure to watch. Her message and story are important for us to witness. She inspires us to find the gumption to confront life with the same level of guts she has and continues to with much success.


Here’s Why You Should Ride a Bike in New York City

Commuting around NYC can be hectic, to say the least.  Although, apprehensive at first, Kim has found that riding her bicycle to commute around the city has relieved a lot of transportation tension. Some of the benefits include:

-saving money
-getting to work faster than public transit
-keeping you fit
-not dealing with angry commuters
-more environmentally friendly

Despite these benefits, many people are afraid of riding in the city. If more people were biking on the roads, however, New York City would become a more bike-friendly city. Because of the storm Sandy, public transportation has been overcrowded and hectic. In addition to this, Metrocard fares are estimated to go up significantly in January. Now is a great time to take up biking. Here to help you dispel your fears of riding in the City is Ed Hall, co-founder of the Marie Georges Foundation, NYSC spin instructor, former BMX competitor  and NYC bike messenger/commuter for the past 15 years. Ed discusses how to ride safely through NYC traffic, how to ride during the winter months and gives some tips on where to find good bikes.

*video shot by Reggie Millionz

Thoracic Extension in Camel Pose (Ustrasana)

So you know how Camel Pose (Ustrasana) can be kinda torturous?  Your back may hurt.  Breathing in this pose sucks.  How do people let their heads drop back (which may not be for everyone any ways)?  The quality of your experience in this asana depends on your ability to execute thoracic extension   No, it’s not about moving your shoulders around. Watch this quick video and Kim will help you understand what we’re talking about.

Flexing Through Your Spine vs. Hinging at the Hips

Most yoga sequences are dominated by spinal extension.  Typically, we move into forward bends with a “straight back” hinging at the hips.  But what if you switched that up and threw in some spinal flexion?  Rolling through the spine can give you proprioceptive feedback you may be missing by sticking to the same hinge-at-the-hips move.  In this video (find us on youtube and subscribe!) Kim explains the how’s and why’s of adding more spinal flexion to your practice.