What you get?

Working with Smarter Bodies gives you the advantage of personal training WITH intelligence.  Mel and Kim can guide you to your fitness goals create better awareness about your body.  These measures effectively combined to make a workout that is tailored for your body's particular needs.  Contact us with any questions.

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How to Work With Us

  1.  Work with each SB expert individually.  Kim will help you to gain strength and repattern your body so that you can prevent injury as you improve physically.  Mel will help you to achieve physical balance and less stress guiding you through a movement practice that will keep you feeling grounded.
  2. Work with both SB experts in alternating sessions receiving the best of both Mel and Kim’s knowledge and proven techniques. Their work is best seen and felt when combined synergistically
  3. Use both Smarter Bodies expertise in a group session.  Let Mel and Kim's expertise ovelap in a group session.  They can lead  large group seminars in a yoga like setting.  Giving both individuals and group attention.