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Reebok Workshop: Yoga for Office Workers and Computer Users


Tired of feeling tired? Chronic fatigue is a common complaint of many computer users. Office workers are subjected to 8 or more hours of consistent computer use each day of the week. The demand of keeping the body held in this unnatural and static position can lead to a myriad of complaints, such as:

Back Pain
Shoulder and Neck Pain
Headaches and Migraines
Eye Strain
Painful Hands and Wrists
Teeth Clenching/Grinding

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to fix this! On Sunday, May 22nd Kim-Lien Kendall will teach a workshop assisted by Melissa Gutierrez. From 3:30 – 5:00 pm you will learn how to alleviate your symptoms and reverse the negative affects of sitting and typing all day. Amongst the techniques used will be somatic movement, yoga, breath therapy, and trigger point therapy.

You will leave feeling better and will have learned how to prevent your pain with tips you can use while at work. Location: Reebok Sports Club, 67th and Columbus. Cost for Members: $20, Non-Members: $35 Registration is necessary, please do so by Friday, May 20th.
Contact Anne-Sophie Rodriguez, Group Exercise Coordinator, at or call 212.501.1419.

A Successful Day for Sweat NYC for Japan

Sweat for JapanThis last Saturday we held our our fundraiser for Japan. We had such a great time getting in shape, dancing, giving out prizes and most importantly raising money. We ended the day with a total of $2,300! This is very exciting and we thank everyone who had a hand in getting this together and donating. The website will be up for another 2 weeks to help us reach our final goal of $5,000. People are still donating, so please keep it going:



A special thank you to our sponsors:

  • AK47 Division
  • Howard Sloan Koller
  • Jack Rabbit
  • Ogilvy

We express deep gratitude to those who helped volunteer and gave merchandise to our silent auction:

  • Andrea Roberts- Emotional Management Therapist with the Paradox Process
  • Christiane Tibbs – Massage Therapist
  • Karin Fantus – Pilates Teacher
  • Kula Yoga Project
  • P and T Interiors
  • Snapshot- Personal Training
  • Soon Salon – Hair Salon
  • Bunch Web Development

Kim and I want to thank the teachers who made the event worth coming to:

Adyana de la Torre – Personal Trainer
Mimosa Gordon – Pilates Teacher
The Hip Hop Dance Conservatory
Tweetie – Alvin Ailey Hip Hop Dance Teacher

We’ll be posting photos of the event soon, so check back!

Announcing Sweat NYC, a benefit for Japan’s tsunami survivors

Kim and I have been extremely moved and inspired by the strength the Japanese people have shown in the face of the recent tsunami. We know that international aid has been pouring in, but there’s so much more help that’s needed. People’s entire homes, communities, and lives have been completely destroyed. The disaster seems overwhelming, but despite our distance we can help.

We have decided to team up with Direct Relief and organize a fun way to inspire New Yorkers and help out the people in need. It’s a day-long fitness event called Sweat NYC. Many of our fitness and dance friends have come together in support of making this day as successful as possible. Here are the details:

What: Sweat NYC for Japan: An all day fun-filled fitness event for people of all ages and skill levels encompassing 6 different classes taught by accomplished instructors, an auction for fitness gear and private sessions, and a raffle. Classes include: Morning Total Body Conditioning with Adyana de la Torre, Vinyasa Flow yoga with Kim-Lien Kendall, Pilates, the Blade Dance Technique with the Hip-Hop Dance Conservatory, Gentle Yoga with Melissa Gutierrez and Hip-Hop with Tweetie. We are hoping to raise over $5,000 for Tsunami victims in Japan through Direct Relief, a charity esteemed in international news for their efforts in Japan. You can help us to meet our goal with your donations.

When: Saturday, April 9th 2011, from 9 am to 7 pm.

Where: 636 11th Ave, New York, NY. Space has been generously donated to us by Ogilvy, worldwide marketing firm.

You have a variety of great classes to choose from for a minimum donation of $15 – $25. Or spend the entire day with us for a $60 day pass, which also gets you a ticket to our raffle where you may win a prize. We hope to see you there, not only to donate, but to take care of yourself and connect with this awesome community!

True Health through Movement: Three Secrets that Maybe You DIDN’T Know

There has been A LOT of talk in the media about “Good Health” and how to achieve it. In fact, in America it seems to be a national pastime! Shows like “Dr. Phil” and “Dr. Oz” as well as “The Doctors” are extremely popular daytime mega-hits. Health and Diet books are also huge best-sellers, from “The Atkins’ Diet” all the way to “The South Beach Diet”. So if we Americans are so obsessed with the concept of “Good Health”, then why is it that the youngest generation, aged 0-25, looks to be the first generation that will live shorter and less healthier lives than their own parents? Read More