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You May Not be Drinking Enough Water!

There is a simple equation you can use to answer that question. In order for your body to function at its best you have to keep it hydrated to the optimal level. That means you should be drinking enough ounces of water per day to equal half of your body’s weight in pounds! So, if you are 100 lbs, you need to drink 50 ounces of water a day, which is almost a half gallon! If you are 200 lbs, you need almost a gallon a day! You need to also account for and replace the water used up during physical activities. For every 30 min of exercise you do, you need to drink at least an extra glass of water (8 oz.).  Also, coffee, tea, fruit juice, soda and alcohol, are actually dehydrating. You need to drink additional water to replace what you drank ounce for ounce. Read More

Get Stronger Feet, Walk Barefoot!

Summer brings fun, sunshine, beaches and …the increased risk for Plantar fasciitis?!!! So many of us have switched from wearing heavier winter shoes to sandals and flip flops.  Sometimes the drastic change from shoes that offer some support to sandals that are flat and offer no real support is too drastic and cause pain in the feet, inflammation, and might even lead to bone spurs on the heel overtime.  What’s the solution?  We’re not going to tell you to wear better shoes, or find better sandals.  The answer is to strengthen your feet and walk barefoot as much as possible! Read More

Breathe Better Tip Sheet

lungsTo follow up on last week’s post about allergies and the wonderful neti pot, we figured it’d be good to follow up with something similar.  Below is a tip sheet we’ve put together for breathing better.  Hey everyone has to breathe…right?!  How are you breathing right now?  Bet you could be doing it better!  For those of us with breathing disorders, like asthma, or just dealing with everyday stress, you’ll want to keep this in mind.  In fact, print it out and carry it with you.  Some of these exercises you can do just about anywhere!  Enjoy. Read More

Got Allergies? A Surprisingly Simple and Natural Solution…

It’s that’s beautiful time of year again! The weather is getting warm and you’ve packed up all of your sweaters and parkas.  Your snow boots are in the garage somewhere forgotten and lonely.  Time for picnics, BBQs, lots of time outdoors…and tree and plant pollen!  Lots of it!  There is a great deal of pollen in the air around this time of year and people with allergies are sneezing and sniffling through it!  The immediate thing that comes to most people’s minds is to pop a pill like Benadryl or Zyrtec, or even go to the doctor for a prescription.  And while a pill or prescription sometimes is needed, especially in the case of severe allergies, there are other solutions that don’t have as many advertising dollars thrown at them as pills and medicines do. Read More

Tips for Office Workers

Last weekend Kim and I taught a great workshop at Reebok. Geared towards tired office workers and computer users, the information was very much appreciated and we look forward to doing it again! We realize that more people need this information, so we’ve decided to post the tip sheet we handed out. Definitely email us if you have questions, or leave a comment. Also, if you love what you’re reading think of how much better it would be if Kim and I came to your office and gave the workshop there! Contact us also if you’d like to book us for corporate classes and workshops. Read More

Mind Over Matter? – How a Positive Attitude Can Protect You from Depression and Illness

Having a positive attitude, or being as optimistic as possible, is something that many self-help gurus like Tony Robbins and Stephen R. Covey (The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People) have been talking about for decades. People have varying opinions on the efficacy of a “positive attitude”. Some people even go so far as to say that it’s all a bunch of new-agey hocus-pocus! But it would seem that Covey and Robbins, among many others are right. And you don’t have to look in a mirror every morning and repeat “I am GREAT!”—well, unless you want too! Read More