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A Healing Touch With Reiki – Give it A Try!

Just like there can be blockages in the digestive system (think constipation) or blockages in the blood stream (clogged arteries) there can also be blockages in the energy flows of your body! It is believed by many holistic health practitioners, including us here are SMARTer Bodies, that these blockages can cause a whole wide range of health problems from insomnia, digestion issues, headaches, to even chronic pain and fatigue, among a long list of other issues!

Eastern Medicine, from India’s Ayurveda, Chinese Traditional Medicine, and Japanese Traditional medicine all have it firmly established in their medicinal body of knowledge, that is collectively thousands of years old, that a keystone of good health is the proper flow of energy in the body.  Reiki originated from Japan and when translated means “universal life energy”.  Reiki is done by an experienced and trained Reiki practitioner who passes their hands over the clients body as well as touching certain key points on the body as well.  What this does is transmit targeted energy from the Reiki practitioner to the patient, and the aim is to unblock those energy blockages that have formed. Think of it like  unblocking a clogged pipe! It’s a very relaxing process, with the patient feeling warmth, a great sense of well-being and relaxation, and a gentle flow of energy in their body.  So it can easily be said that Reiki is about rebalancing the energy pathways, so the body can function at its best!  Reiki is very gentle and therefore can help with almost any condition or illness. If you would like to know more about this ancient and highly effective art, feel free to contact us with any questions that you might have.  Reiki when done by a qualified and experienced practitioner can deliver a wide variety of benefits than can help improve your health and quality of life in a holistic and balanced way!

You can start buying tickets for Fused!

We have our Eventbrite page set up and you can start buying tickets for our ultra-cool fitness even Fused!



Online prices are:

$17 for 1 ticket

 $30 for 2 tickets

Start reserving your space now and take part in the classes of celebrity teachers like:

See you there!





Fused! A New Event to get You Moving.

Exciting news!  Kim and I are working with a good friend, Adyana de la Torre, to organize a new fitness and health expo.  Adyana is a personal trainer and especially busy at Club H in Murray Hill.   In fact, that’s where our new event Fused! will be held.  Why  “Fused“?  You can choose from several classes which incorporate different types of movement and fitness. Each class will last an hour to an an hour and a half long.  Choose from several classes which incorporate different types of movement and fitness! Taught by some of NYC’s best celebrity instructors, these workouts are an hour to an hour and a half of sweaty fun. Aside from experiencing an amazing workout and become introduced to new types of movement, you will also be able to sample various products and services from local fitness and health vendors and enter a raffle for lots of fitness-related prizes!

Here’s a full description of the classes:

2:30 – 3:30 (Room A) Pilates-Zumba
Kristin McGee takes you through a flowing, energizing, heart pumping Pilates class. Kristin keeps up the pace while making sure you are using the right muscles and leading from your center so you can burn calories, strengthen your core, sculpt long lean muscles, and achieve overall flexibility.
Afterwards Nadya de la Torre (coming all the way from North Carolina) will take you through a fun high-intensity, calorie burning zumba class!2:30 – 3:30 (Room B)
A Spin/Yoga class, to get your heart pumping and then cool you down. Burst and chill! Taught by NYC spin instructor Ed Hall and highly sought yoga teacher, Kim-Lien Kendall.

3:45 – 5:15 (Room A) Total Body Conditioning-Yoga
A Total-Body Conditioning/Yoga class, a full-body workout that will get you sweating. Get ready to work! Taught by Adyana de la Torre, who is featured in Beach Body’s popular Brazil Butt Lift workout an always busy personal trainer at Club H, and Kim-lien Kendall, yoga teacher.

4:15-5:15pm (Room B) V-core
V-Core® (Vertical Core Training) is the newest and most functional approach to training the core. Through specific exercises this barefoot balance training workout will not only tone your core – but also correct foot posture, strengthen the hip and build postural alignment. With Dr. Emily Splichal of Evidence Based Fitness Academy and Club H instructor.

5:30 – 7:00 (Room A) Hip Hop- Boxing
Tweetie’s Hip-Hop Dance class will help you find the Groove, the Bounce, the Coordination, Balance and Stamina you need while dancing to 90’s “New Jack Swing” music and getting a great full body workout all @ the same time.
Followed by the boxer’s workout: the most comprehensive full body exercise regime on the planet taught by a favorite of Club H’s, Julian Phillips, who has trained Madonna while on tour.

When: Saturday, September 24th 2011, from 1pm to 5 pm.  This is a prime time when people start rushing back to the gym to prepare for the holidays.
Where:  A beautiful gym in Murray Hill, Club H.  222 East 34th St, Between 2nd ave and 3rd ave.
If you’d like to check out some of the teachers:
We’ll be updating with more info about the event and where to buy tickets, which will be $17 online, 2 people for $30 online, $20 at the door.
Stay tuned…

Achy Painful Hands and Wrists? Watch Out for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome!

If you recently have experienced discomfort in your hands, like pain in the fingers, knuckles, wrists, palms or forearms then keep reading!  That discomfort may be a sign of an underlying problem.  So many jobs involve repetitive motions with our hands, which can over time be a source of major discomfort and even injuries. Suffering from pain in the hands and wrists is becoming increasingly widespread, so you are not alone. Industrial occupations like factory work and office based jobs that require typing on the computer for long hours are the two most common professional activities that can lead to aching wrists and hands. This condition, if it last for more than a few weeks, is often referred to as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)!  But this pain does not always have its source in that particular area of the wrist.  So it is safer to refer to this issue as a repetitive strain injury.

Our hands are an amazing part of our body, and they make the uniqueness of the human experience possible. From supporting yourself in different yoga positions, to grabbing a cup of coffee, and writing a note, our hands do miraculous things everyday. The hands are made up of many different bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments that allow us to do a variety of stunningly complex movements. So what is the best thing to do if you are suffering from discomfort in your hands and wrists? Doing different hand exercises and stretches can help a great deal, as well as taking frequent breaks during repetitive motion to stretch your fingers, wrists, and palms. Drinking lots of water is also helpful, because water is essential in ensuring that all of your joints and fascia (connective tissue) are well lubricated for easier motion!   Yoga is also very beneficial, because it strengthens the hands and wrists, as well as the forearms and also increases blood circulation to those areas.  Our heavily industrialized world makes for some interesting challenges. But there are natural solutions, like yoga, fascial release, trigger point therapy and other therapeutic movements that can help!

Best Names for Yoga Poses…Ever!!!

Ok, we had to share what Yoga Dork has posted today.  We love how this blog always brings the funny and pop of what is going on in the yoga world.  This has to be one of the best!

Check out the Real Names for Yoga Poses, in Handy Chart Form:

Click on the image to get a better view and see what Yoga Dork says about it.


Bad Yoga Tip #1—Shove Your Shoulders Down Your Back At All Times

There is nothing wrong with learning to roll your shoulders away from your neck and ears,especially if you have a habit of keeping tension there (after long days at work for instance) and more so if  you cannot tell the difference between when your shoulder blades are up and when they are down.  It is also important to know the difference between shoulder blade movement, spinal movement and arm movement.  But there is no benefit to constantlyshoving your shoulders down your back ALL the time and in EVERY yoga pose. Let’s talk over two main points that illustrated this point best. Read More

Muscle Memory: Can Your Muscles Remember Things?

It’s something that almost all of us do. Remember the last time a friend told you about an accident that happened to them? Like maybe how they may have burned their hand while cooking, or slipped on a wet surface and fell. When they describe it to you, your muscles tense up, and you “remember” when an instance like that has happened to you. That is muscle memory in action!  As living organisms, we human beings remember not just with our minds, but with our bodies as well.  “Muscle Memory” is something that we are coming to understand more and more about. Read More

Bad Yoga Tips!

We are tired of hearing bad, possibly dangerous, inaccurate, or irrelevant directions being given in yoga classes.  So every week will post about one of these erroneous tips.  These posts may elicit some strong reactions.  In the face of any controversy, we welcome comments you may have so as to facilitate a constructive dialogue.  Enjoy!

Guest Blogging about Insomnia

We have the privilege of being guest writers on a wonderful blog about curing insomnia.  Kathryn Watson a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Hypnotherapist and Life Coach is the owner of the Stop Insomnia Blog.  She has worked with thousands of people who came to her for various reasons but most had one thing in common. Night after night they had trouble sleeping. They couldn’t get a good night’s sleep. Without it their life was doomed to one series of frustrations and failures after another. Read More