The SMARTer Team

Melissa Gutierrez

Co-founder of SMARTer Bodies & co-creator of SMARTer Yoga™. She is constantly engaged in exploration of how the body moves.


Kim-Lien Kendall

Co-founder of SMARTer Bodies and co-creator of SMARTer Yoga™.  She has taken a genuine interest in the human body and movement since she was 8 years old.


Ariana Rabinovitch

Ariana has a straight-forward approach that combines yoga and movement to help clients get strong, restore mobility and feel energized.


Abby Kaufmann

Abby believes  that yoga is NOT about going to the end-range of motion which goes hand-in-hand with SMARTer Yoga.

SMARTer Bodies Philosophy

Kim-Lien Kendall and Melissa Gutierrez have collaborated for over 5 years combing their experience in order to help people achieve better, easier and more efficient movement and improve their quality of life.  They felt in common that the fitness and yoga industries are wrought with quick fixes and trends.  Together they aspire to create a meaningful and lasting system that truly helps people attain their goals transcending the fitness and yoga industries’ quick fixes and trends. They have personally studied and practiced various forms of yoga, martial arts, dance as well as a variety of sports and traditional gym exercise.  They have built a philosophy and method, called SMARTer Bodies™, on a foundation of years of experience working with hundreds of different bodies. We also utilize our apprentices to meet with clients and expand on personal training goals and fitness.